Sponsorship Opportunities

*All donations are tax deductible.

% of the American Population who are Immigrants: 14%
% of the Population who Descend from Immigrants: Nearly All of Us

Help Make “We, America” a Reality!
Please support us in bringing together the New York City community for a joyous celebration of UnLocal’s 5th year of defending immigrants rights!

Our event, “We, America” will highlight the inextricable connection between American popular culture and the immigrants who make up this country. It is a celebration of our unity.

As a community leader, your actions and words in support of immigrants will have a positive impact. You will inspire pride and confidence in being American. Let your community know that you stand in solidarity with immigrants, and help us raise funds for UnLocal’s legal services by sponsoring “We, America”.

What is PATRIACT? PATRIACT is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit which generates funds, support, and increased awareness for other nonprofit organizations that fight on the front-lines in defense of immigrant rights. We select organizations who provide immigrant communities with essential legal services, valuable education, and those who are grassroots champions of our countries shared values as a nation of immigrants.

What is UnLocal? UnLocal is a nonprofit law firm that defends immigrant rights. UnLocal’s clients are from all over the world. Many are undocumented. In fact, a very large portion of them are undocumented young people who had no say in their choice to migrate. UnLocal is a wonderful organization worthy of your support.

View UnLocal’s 2016 Annual Report and learn about their impact

Who will be attending the event?
“We, America’s” guests are primarily between the ages of 21 – 45, a socially conscious demographic who are willing to put their money and efforts where their hearts are. They may be a great-grandchild of an immigrant or one themselves. They have a sense of justice, and will be happy to know you share their values.

How can you support our immigrant community?
We need your support in making this event an inclusive experience for all. Please consider making an in-kind donation or sponsor “We, America,” so we can raise funds for the legal defense of our immigrant friends and neighbors.

Sponsorship Levels

You will receive the following in return as a PATRIACT partner:

Honor the Contributions of Immigrants to America’s Cuisine (One Sponsor) – $5,000

  • 6 Tickets
  • 6 Prints of Limited Edition Lady Liberty posters
  • We’ll make fan art specifically for you or your organization, and share the image with you digitally and on social media! 😉
  • We’ll place your logo at our food stations, on our marketing collateral, and will mention your support during introductory remarks..

Make our “We, America” Art & Community Gallery a Reality (One Sponsor) – $2,500

  • 4 Tickets
  • 4 Prints of Limited Edition Lady Liberty posters
  • We’ll place your logo on our marketing collateral, and will mention your support during introductory remarks.

Sponsor our Performers! (Two Sponsors) – $1,250

  • 2 Tickets
  • 2 Prints of Limited Edition Lady Liberty posters
  • We’ll place your logo on our marketing collateral.

Customized Sponsorship
Is there another option that would best meet your needs? Let us know!

In-Kind Contribution
An in-kind contribution of beverages, silent auction, and other items are greatly appreciated. We will create a customized plan for showing our appreciation for your contribution.

If you are interested in participating please send us a message with your preferred sponsorship level or contribution along with any questions.