PATRIACT promotes America’s promise of freedom and general welfare for all by empowering causes that defend civil rights & liberties. Our mission is twofold:

  1. To foster the understanding that equality, liberty and dignity are indispensable American values.
  2. To defend civil rights & civil liberties by leveraging legal tools and mechanisms readily available to Americans.

PATRIACT leverages the most powerful tools for defending civil rights and liberties – the law and the press. We financially support organizations that ensure every person is guaranteed fair legal representation in matters of civil rights and civil liberties, and groups that protect the press’s work in holding power structures accountable.

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Unlocal is a nonprofit legal services organization that provides direct legal services and education for New York’s City’s undocumented immigrants. They are committed to serving the unmet legal needs of New York City’s immigrant communities by:

  • Providing and expanding access to legal representation for indigent, especially undocumented immigrants, that is affordable, trustworthy, comprehensive, and multilingual;
  • Educating immigrant communities about their rights under immigration laws, how to best prepare for future immigration proceedings and how to protect themselves against fraud, coercion, and opportunism among private immigration attorneys and unauthorized practitioners of law;
  • Employing holistic advocacy through referral-based case management in collaboration with other service providers, community-based organizations and city agencies;
  • Developing special projects to address immigration issues based on community needs and assessments.

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We, America: In Defense of Immigrants, a Benefit for UnLocal

For 5 years UnLocal has been providing invaluable legal services to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we as a community band together and support these targeted populations by raising funds for their legal aid.

“We, America” will be a quintessentially American experience including food, performances, art and culture inspired by all those who have crossed borders.

This event will take place at the Astor Center on the afternoon of Saturday, October 21st from 12pm – 4pm.

Tickets available here: http://bit.ly/2fkpB85

Tickets include:


More Details Coming Soon!

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