Direct Legal Representation

In the United States, there is no promise or guarantee of legal representation in matters of civil rights and liberties. This leaves the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us with no remedies for injustice. The poor, without the financial means to hire legal representatives, are unable to demand the rights and protections legally due to them.

Accepting this inequity in justice means we accept the abhorrent notion that some lives are worth more than others. The only way forward is to safeguard every person’s rights and freedoms. We support organizations that provide legal representation in matters of civil rights & liberties regardless of one’s financial status.

Legal Resources for Journalists

An unhindered press is essential to the American democracy: it holds our institutions accountable for our civil rights and liberties. History shows us that civil rights movements and the press are inextricable – journalists highlighted the appalling impact of racism on people’s lives, the lack of justice for the poor, and more.

Today, journalists continue to play a significant role in advancing civil rights and liberties by highlighting the inequality embedded into our society. We support organizations that enable journalists to work without obstruction by providing them with legal resources.