Patriotic Action for Civil Rights & Liberties

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Our Mission

PATRIACT promotes America’s promise of freedom and general welfare for all by empowering causes that defend civil rights & liberties. Our mission is twofold:


To foster the understanding that equality, liberty and dignity are indispensable American values.


To defend civil rights & civil liberties by leveraging legal tools and mechanisms readily available to Americans.


Focus Areas

PATRIACT leverages the most powerful tools for defending civil rights and liberties – the law and the press. We financially support organizations that ensure every person is guaranteed fair legal representation in matters of civil rights and civil liberties, and groups that protect the press’s work in holding power structures accountable.

Direct Legal Representation

In the United States, there is no promise or guarantee of legal representation in matters of civil rights and liberties. This leaves the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us with no remedies for injustice. The poor, without the financial means to hire legal representatives, are unable to demand the rights and protections legally due to them.

Accepting this inequity in justice means we accept the abhorrent notion that some lives are worth more than others. The only way forward is to safeguard every person’s rights and freedoms. We support organizations that provide legal representation in matters of civil rights & liberties regardless of one’s financial status.

Legal Resources for Journalists

An unhindered press is essential to the American democracy: it holds our institutions accountable for our civil rights and liberties. History shows us that civil rights movements and the press are inextricable – journalists highlighted the appalling impact of racism on people’s lives, the lack of justice for the poor, and more.

Today, journalists continue to play a significant role in advancing civil rights and liberties by highlighting the inequality embedded into our society. We support organizations that enable journalists to work without obstruction by providing them with legal resources.


America’s foundational values are rooted in the premise that all individuals are free and equal. It is the highest form of patriotism to work for an America where reality has caught up with this vision. PATRIACT recognizes that when we come together to protect the rights promised to each and every one of us by the Constitution and our laws – the rights that many have fought and died for – we act as patriots.



PATRIACT connects the pragmatism of fundraising for civil rights and liberties with the things that are at the essence of our humanity - art and cultural experience. We believe this connection is essential to fostering the moral imagination and courage needed to envision and act for an America that is free, inclusive, equitable, just and prosperous for all.

<Salt,Sugar & Love From Nowhere

May 5th, 2017


A benefit for Center For Gender and Refugee Studies

PATRIACT’s Inaugural Event in the Historic Skyroom Lounge

University of California, Hastings College of the Law
Skyroom at 100 McAllister Street, San Francisco
7pm to 10pm
Tickets: Starting at $130

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Please join us in San Francisco’s historic Skyroom to honor the things that make life wonderful: salt, sugar, love and civil rights for all!

What does this event include?


+ ART EXHIBIT by internationally renowned sculptor & visual artist Boback Emad.

+ SPEAKERS FROM Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) & Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) will share their experiences working on the front lines of America’s broken immigration system.

+ INTERACTIVE PHOTO PROJECT hosted by Immigrant Nation. Attendees can sign up to have their portrait taken and can share their immigrant story. Participants will be featured on

+ CREATIVE CORNER hosted by Protest Cakes. Come get crafty with the Protest Cakes crew and enter to have your cake design featured on the Protest Cakes instagram page -> @protestcakes!

+ LIVE MUSIC by: Sucker Crush & Katy Stephan!

What will this event help support?

PATRIACT’s inaugural event will support The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies (CGRS) and their crucial work of protecting the fundamental human rights of women, children, LGBT individuals, and other refugees who flee persecution. By providing technical assistance in asylum & immigration cases and policy advocacy, CGRS has touched the lives of tens of thousands of immigrants.

Where does ‘Salt, Sugar & Love From Nowhere’ come from?

Salt, Sugar & Love From Nowhere draws inspiration from history. In the 1950’s, Georgia Gilmore and the Club from Nowhere used the power of cakes, cookies and home cooking to fund the civil rights movement. Pooling $14, the activists created renegade bake shops on street corners to support the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott carpool and bake shops were everywhere, and nowhere in particular. And so, she dubbed her group the Club from Nowhere. Thank you, Georgia Gilmore, for inspiring us to follow in your footsteps!

More about Georgia Gilmore

1. The NPR story about Georgia Gilmore.

2. How she helped fuel the civil rights movement with $14.

3. Video Interviews.

Video #1

Video #2

“Of Equality – as if it harm’d me, giving others the same chances and rights as myself – as if it were not indispensable to my own rights that others possess the same.”

-Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass-



Learn about a few of our favorite non-profit organizations and the causes they help support.



PATRIACT’s volunteers are bound by our love of this country and its foundational ideals, and the recognition of the immense sacrifices our ancestors have made to achieve those ideals. We understand that inequality inherently degrades our national character, and inaction degrades our individual character. We act on behalf of America’s promise of justice and equality for all.

Adam Ebel

Adam Ebel

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Aishwarya Kancharla

Aishwarya Kancharla

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Dan Turner

Dan Turner

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Adam Ebel

Adam Ebel

From designing the Xbox 360, to launching the Amazon Payments division, to working for one of the top design firms in the world, to designing music software for consumers and professionals – Adam has spent his career making peoples lives easier and way more fun. He is also passionate about civil rights issues and supports a number of organizations that promote positive impact.

Aishwarya Kancharla

Aishwarya Kancharla

Aishwarya is an immigrant from India with a profound love of America’s ideals of equality and liberty. She has worked with families living with cancer in New York, communities affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, women lacking maternal health services and first aid interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa, and promoting the human rights of women, children, and minorities in Afghanistan. From all these experiences, she learned that equality and liberty are at the core of human dignity, and that we all must work to preserve these ideals at home.

Dan Turner

Dan Turner

Daniel is a lawyer, educator, small business owner, and student of American political theory. In these turbulent times he has committed himself to working to defend the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution through the protection of civil rights and liberties. Daniel lives in Oakland with his wife. He also runs a record label, DJs and produces dance music.   

Marie Poliak

Marie Poliak

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Stacey Shkuratoff

Stacey Shkuratoff

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Sue Silverman

Sue Silverman

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Marie Poliak

Marie Poliak

Marie Poliak is a freelance artist who strives to inspire those around her to believe in the limitless potential of their dreams. Russian-born Canadian, Marie spends her time living and working between Toronto, San Francisco, and New York.

Stacey Shkuratoff

Stacey Shkuratoff

Stacey is a Canadian born and raised web developer who holds a degree in Computer Engineering from The University of British Columbia. She currently resides in San Francisco and works for a local bay area tech company. Since her time in university, she’s been involved with many women in STEM programs and is an advocate for diversity in the workplace. Beyond work she enjoys pole dancing, playing piano and anything Disney.

Sue Silverman

Sue Silverman

As an attorney, Sue has taken on pro bono cases representing unaccompanied immigrant children in immigration and family courts and volunteered for non-profit organizations that advocate for the rights of marginalized Roma populations in Europe and women and girls who are victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia. She is passionate about helping those who are most vulnerable and is deeply committed to protecting the rights and liberties of everyone in our own country. Sue currently lives in NYC with her husband and two cats and is thrilled to be a part of PATRIACT.



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